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Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally ...

oh yea..
finally , all of the exam was ended 
sorryyyyy my dear blogger... during the exam I have no time and mood to update my blog post..
ok ... I wanna talk about the exam 

Actually , the exam of this year was very hard ... it's harder than the past-year
I'm not sure that I can get a very good result 
but I wish that the result won't be too bad
but I think that the BM and History's paper was more easier than the past-year

but the Geography's paper was really hard 
our teacher was shocked when he was looking at the subjective part of the paper ..
there was 8 question in the subjective part ... and every candidate must choose 5 question to answer it , but 2 of the question was not include in the exam syllabus (1 of the question was the senior middle level one ... I'm just a junior ) !! OMG ~!! I was also shocked during the exam ... and i have no idea to answer it !!

The science paper was also very hard ... 
our chemistry teacher has no idea to answer the chemistry part ...
and some of the objective question are not include in our exam syllabus ... It's belongs to the senior level syllabus ...OMG !!
I wish those two subject's result won't be horrible !! @_@

English paper 2 (objective) was harder than the past year too.. 
but luckily , the eassy writing was very easy ... and the clone text too...

Fortunately , the paper of BM and history was very easy ( I have very weak in those subject)

ok fine ...
I wish I could get a flying colours result in the exam !!


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